Smartmints (2 Packs) - Smilepronto
Smartmints (2 Packs) - Smilepronto

Smartmints (2 Packs)

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  • Science, not Sugar.  In Natural Peppermint and Orange flavors 
  • Our Smartmints are a great way to get fresh breath and better oral care on the go
  • Designed to Balance your oral health for a naturally clean mouth. 
  • Shown to reduce acid and the bacteria known to cause bad breath, and tooth decay.
  • Smartmints encourage healthy bacteria while reducing the bad bacteria in your mouth.
  • Sugar-free, preservative free, naturally safe, responsibly sourced and delicious, our Smartmints leave you with a just brushed, naturally clean feeling and fresh breath that really lasts.
  • Natural Sweet Mint flavors.
  • Includes 2 tins approximately .4 oz each


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