Glint is committed to building simple, elegant products to encourage better oral health care habits and prevent issues before they become problems. We believe some of the greatest challenges to dental health can be solved with modern technology, beautiful design and proven habit-forming processes. As part of our mission, we have developed the Brush, Floss, Balance approach to maintaining optimal oral health. A complete oral care solution has been developed through a combination of technology that provides real-time coaching and microbiome science that has been clinically shown to reduce oral acid and harmful bacteria. 



The magic of Glint began at a Stanford University Bio Design course, where our founders met for the first time. They noticed that most advancements in dental technology focused on treatment, not prevention, which is a major oversight.

With the goal of prevention in mind, our team joined the Stanford StartX Accelerator to tackle the problem of poor oral health care; specifically lack of flossing, outdated technology for brushing, and limited proven clinical science for oral pH and bacteria control. In fact, did you know that 80% of Americans don't floss regularly? Research shows that if you skip flossing and brushing, it leads to a build-up of bacteria, gum disease and tooth decay, all of which can result in heart issues, diabetes, birth complications, and other serious medical problems.

And they were just getting started! While Flosstime was the first prevention-focused oral health product that they developed, they are truly passionate about revolutionizing all aspects of oral health care and now have developed the Glint Oral Care Ecosystem and the Brush, Floss, Balance approach for better oral health, a beautiful smile, fresh breath, and healthy teeth and gums!



michael evans, ceo and co-founder

Michael Evans

CEO & Co-founder

Michael is a master of retail, captain of fundraising, and titan of patents (He has over 100. Not too shabby). He brings decades of experience, an eye for design, and a passion for using technology to solve some of our most stubborn problems. Michael’s approach to healthcare is preventative-centric. He loves the thought of us changing oral healthcare by making periodontal disease a thing of the past.

Dr. Gregorio Faria

CTO & Co-founder

Hailing from beautiful Brazil, Greg is a former post-doc from Stanford and an engineering wizard. In addition to more than 11 years designing state-of-the-art electronic devices, he just can't stop authoring peer-reviewed scientific publications. Want to know more about how Flosstime works? He will walk you through every single detail. Seriously, every one. Go ahead and clear your afternoon.


At Glint, we have assembled a team of world-renowned dentists, microbiologists, designers, engineers, and digital marketing experts.

Dr. Steven Brattesani, DDS.
Advisor + Inventor + Mad Scientist
30+ years practicing dentistry, inventor, speaker and consultant at Water Pik, Phillips, Dr. Fresh
BA University of San Francisco; DDS University of the Pacific Dental


Dr. Edward Zuckerberg, DDS.
Advisor + Digital Marketing Guru
40+ years practicing dentistry, speaker and consultant at several companies and startups
NYU College of Dentistry




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